Tin boxes

Tin boxes are becoming more and more popular on the market as a promotional item, not just because they can feature a complete print and be shaped according to requirements, but also because customers can use them for a long time and, thanks to their quality, material and strength, they can often last for several years!

Tin boxes belong in the packaging material section, but 90% of the boxes we make for our clients are made because they intend to increase the value of their product, especially by including a quality case or overwrap, representing a valuable gift added to their product that can be used continuously and keep promoting the original product.

We produce boxes with an exclusive design and top processing and printing quality!

The production is arranged for you directly at three sheet metal box production factories, one of which is located in Eastern Europe and the other two in Asia. We are the direct manufacturers of the boxes and therefore we are able to offer you the best terms in relation to pricing and especially to quality for the production of your sheet metal box!

Tin boxes offer countless possibilities for use, especially in the food industry, where they are used as chewing gum boxes, boxes for tea, tin boxes for energy sweets, click-clack boxes, coffee tins, chocolate gift boxes, round tin boxes for spices, and many more...

Also popular are tin boxes for liquor or cigarettes with brand bottles of high-quality liquor or cigarettes and cigars, creating a beautiful gift package.

We also produce tin boxes for various products to increase the attractiveness of the product and to support sales, such as a gift box for underwear or a gift box for a board game that is directly included in the box. Tin boxes for cosmetics and creams. Tin gift box for perfume. Tin box for a brand new game for gaming consoles, tin box for intelligent plasticine. Last but not least, they can also be used to sell BB shots, ammo or other small items.

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The box can be of any shape; we will recommend the thickness of the metal according to the use the box will be put to and the exact specifications. We can arrange a complete full colour print for your box! To emphasize brands or logos, we deboss or emboss so that the logo is either “raised above the surface of the box or pressed in”. We only use non-toxic materials for boxes intended for use with food, chewing gum, sweets and similar products.

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