Silicone bracelets

Silicone bracelets have been one of the most popular promotional items in the last 10 years. A silicone bracelet is an excellent and very effective promotional item for your company, advertising campaign, promo event, product or service.

A silicone bracelet as a promotional item is very popular thanks to its price, where we can reasonably achieve 3 CZK per item, mostly thanks to the fact there are many options for how to produce a bracelet suited exactly to your own needs, communicating the exact thing you wish to convey. Take advantage of presenting yourself through silicone bracelets that every single one of your potential customers can always have with them!

Thanks to our direct production facility, we can offer you silicone bracelets from series of 50 pieces! Delivered in seven days!

We are the direct manufacturer of these bracelets; we manufacture them in Eastern Europe and in Asia. This makes it possible for use to give you the best price and we can guarantee the best price on the market!

Shipping is always free with us!

The delivery time depends on the quantity and especially the type and nature of the bracelet, but usually it is 7-15 days from when the graphic design is approved. Our bracelets are always made of high-quality and non-toxic silicone, containing no PVC, rubber or admixtures of other plastics.

The standard sizes of our silicone bracelets are as follows (length x width x thickness)

  • men’s 202 x 12 x 2 mm
  • women’s 180 x 12 x 2 mm
  • children’s 160 x 12 x 2 mm

Of course, we can also produce a bracelet to your exact specifications or customized to your visualization or graphic design. We commonly produce bracelets over 210 mm in length and with a width of 15-20 mm.

The usual packaging is 100 pieces per bag; many customers take advantage of individual packaging with each bracelet in its own bag.

The colour can be freely chosen according to the Pantone palette; graphic design for FREE!

Bracelet finish options:

  • EMBOSS - embossed logo, name on the circumference of the bracelet, option of using a different colour for the embossed parts
  • DEBOSS - debossed logo, name on the circumference of the bracelet, option of using a different colour for the debossed parts
  • HIGHLIGHTS - a mix of more colours in a single bracelet
  • GLOWING - the bracelet glows in the dark after being subjected to light
  • 3D LOGO - overlap of any logo across the width of the bracelet
  • GLOSS - GLITTER - glossy, glittery print option

Are you interested in pricing and our options? Ask for a price calculation for your silicone bracelets!

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